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About Me

It may be cliché, but I believe every person and every organization has a story to tell, whether that story is about delivering quality health care, helping people simplify their finances, or launching the next game-changing product. 


I’m a storyteller, and if you’re looking for a natural, empathetic, or sincere voice, I can bring your words to life and tell your story.


As a former copywriter, I’m familiar with the physiological and creative aspects of a script and understand how to connect with listeners. And, since I’ve worked with big, fancy advertising and marketing agencies, I’m comfortable with demanding clients. Not that you’re demanding. Or maybe you are, I don’t know… We just met. 


I also take direction well (depending on who you ask). I learned to check my ego at the studio door, so together we’ll get the sound you’re looking for. 


In most cases, I can turn projects around within 24 hours. Need it yesterday? You’re out of luck. 


Want to see more of my storytelling chops? I’m also an award-winning crime and suspense author. Check it out. 

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